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  • Prof. Zhifeng Ren

    Department of Physics and Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston (TcSUH), University of Houston, Houston, TX, United States.

    Professor Ren is a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, a fellow of the American Physical Society and a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.


  • Prof. John A. Rogers

    Departments of Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University, United States.

    Louis Simpson and Kimberly Querrey Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Neurological Surgery, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Director, Querrey Simpson Institute for Bioelectronics


The skin is mechanically soft and curved; modern electronic and microfluidic technologies are rigid and planar.   Eliminating this profound mismatch in physical properties will create vast opportunities in man-made systems that can naturally integrate with the epidermis, for diagnostic, therapeutic or sensory function with important, unique capabilities that range from fitness/wellness, to sports performance, clinical healthcare and virtual reality environments.  Over the last decade, a convergence of new concepts in materials science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and advanced manufacturing has led to the emergence of diverse, novel classes of 'biocompatible' electronic and microfluidic systems with skin-like physical properties.  This talk describes the key ideas and presents some of the most recent device examples, including (1) wireless, battery-free electronic 'tattoos', with applications in continuous monitoring of vital signs in neonatal and pediatric intensive care, including active deployments in the most advanced hospitals in the US and clinics in multiple countries in Africa, (2) microfluidic platforms that can capture, manipulate and perform biomarker analysis on microliter volumes of sweat, with applications in precise hydration management in sports and fitness, including commercial devices featured on celebrity sports figures with Gatorade and (3) programmable vibro-haptic interfaces that create experiences in virtual reality environments that can complement those supported by traditional audio and video interfaces.


  • Topic: Soft Electronic and Microfluidic Systems for the Skin
  • Topic: Free discussion
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