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Volume 1, Issue 2 (2021) –

Cover Picture: Nanomaterials exhibit unique chemical and physical properties in comparison with their bulk-phase counterparts, attracting significant attention from the oil and gas industry in the hope of solving challenging issues. Current heavy oil extraction methods are costly and have unsatisfactory efficiency, and facing environmental restrictions increasingly. Our recent introduction of sodium (Na) nanofluid provides a promising method for heavy oil extraction since it shows improved oil recovery without burning carbon-containing fuels. Here, we conducted core-flooding tests to further evaluate the effect of this Na nanofluid on recovering oil from different formations, which had not been previously demonstrated, as well as to deepen our understanding of the underlying mechanisms. The Na nanofluid exhibited excellent oil-extraction efficiency for both types of heavy oil tested. The recovery mechanisms were found to be complicated. We also found that post-injection soaking and using the proper solvent to disperse the sodium nanoparticles are important for further boosting oil recovery.
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