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Topic: Liquid Metal Based Flexible Biosensors

A special issue of Soft Science

ISSN 2769-5441 (Online)

Submission deadline: 31 Aug 2023

Guest Editor(s)

  • Prof. Wei Rao
    Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

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Special Issue Introduction

Liquid metal materials are a large class of versatile materials with both metal and fluid properties; intrinsic characteristics such as good conductivity, natural flexibility, superior biocompatibility, and rapid biodegradability make them ideal candidates for the development of flexible biosensors. In recent years, a large number of bioelectrode sensors, semiconductor sensors, photoelectric biosensors and piezoelectric biosensors based on liquid metals have emerged, playing an increasingly important role in biotechnology, biomedical healthcare, biological imaging, environmental monitoring, and other fields. This special issue is dedicated to displaying advanced flexible liquid metal biosensors, including but not limited to:
● Advanced liquid metal flexible sensing materials, including gallium-based and bismuth-based macroscopic or microscopic alloying materials;
● The physical, chemical, or biological principle of biomolecular recognition using liquid metal materials in enzymes, microbial individuals, organelles, animal/plant tissues, or antigens/antibodies;
● Planar or conformal liquid metal flexible biosensors with highly sensitive, stretchable, compact, self-power, or all-in-one functions;
In vitro or in vivo liquid metal biosensor applications for pressure, strain, temperature, electricity, and optical or gas sensing.
The special issue of liquid metal flexible sensors aims to not only display the most cutting-edge liquid metal flexible sensing materials and technologies, but also lay a foundation for further expanding the discovery of wearable or implantable liquid metal sensors.


Liquid metals, gallium, bismush, flexible biosensors, wearable biosensors, implantable biosensors, bioelectrode sensor, semiconductor sensors, photoelectric biosensors, piezoelectric biosensors

Submission Deadline

31 Aug 2023

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Submission Deadline: 31 Aug 2023
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