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Soft Sci 2021;1:[Accepted].10.20517/ss.2021.18@The Author(s) 2021
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Reconfigurable flexible buckling dipole frequency selective surface via mechanical stretching

Correspondence Address: Yuhang Li, Institute of Solid Mechanics, Beihang University (BUAA), Beijing 100191, China. E-mail:; Pan Taisong, State Key Laboratory of Electronic Thin Films and Integrated Devices, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu 610054, China. E-mail:


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Frequency selective surface (FSS) with reconfigurable resonant frequency shows great possibilities for applications in engineering. In this paper, we propose a flexible buckling dipole FSS prepared by releasing the substrate pre-strain to buckle locally adhered 2D precursors, which can withstand large mechanical tensile deformation and change its resonant frequency during the deformation. When the FSS is subjected to uniaxial tensile deformation, the capacitive effect between the adjacent buckled metal unit cells is significantly reduced due to the increase in the gap between unit cells and period. This significant change in the equivalent circuit parameters due to the geometry change is of great benefit to actively tune the resonant frequency of the FSS. Electromagnetic (EM) experiments, EM simulations and equivalent circuit calculations were used to explore the EM tuning mechanism of buckling dipole FSS, and consistent conclusions were obtained. The results show that the buckling dipole FSS exhibits band-stop EM wave transmission characteristics with a resonant frequency of 6.1 GHz in the unstretched state and 21% uniaxial stretching strain can introduce round 1.1 GHz increase for the resonant frequency. Meanwhile, the corresponding parameter analysis shows that when the gap of buckling dipoles in the width direction is reduced, the change amount of resonant frequency caused by uniaxial stretching can be significantly increased, even to 2.5 GHz, which may help the FSS adapt to complex practical applications by tailoring the geometry of the buckling dipole.

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Xuanqing F, Zijian P, Sihong C, Yuhang L, Zhao Z, Yuxia X, Taisong P. Reconfigurable flexible buckling dipole frequency selective surface via mechanical stretching. Soft Sci 2021;1:[Accept].

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